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(LP Album)

Track List:

  1. Shake the Devil

  2. No Control

  3. The Edge

  4. Ecatasy

  5. Wasted

  6. Once Over Three Times

  7. Sugar Honey Baby Doll

  8. Making Love

  9. The E.Z. Rest Motel

  10. Easy To Love.


(LP, Album)  ROCK

on Nemperor Records.


Track List:Track List:

1984 On The Verge  (Nemperor) BL-380031.

1. On The Verge – 3:351.

2. Breakaway – 3:292.

3. Rock Me Baby – 3:263.

4. Just A Big Mistake – 3:064.

5. When You Really Need Someone – 3:205.

6. No Control – 3:086.

7. No Time To Lose – 2:567.

8. I’m Scared – 3:198.

9. Move Over – 3:249.

10. Soldier At War – 4:08


Hard Rock

(LP Album)

Track List:Track List:

1. She’s Not Gonna Come To You

2. Ain’t Love A Crime

3. One More Border To Cross

4. Drivin’ Into The Sun

5. Sweet Delight

6. I’m Not Finished

7. For The Love Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

8. Follow That Dream

9. The Russians Are Coming

10. Southern-Most Part Of My Soul

11. Cell Door Slammin’

12. So You Busted Paul McCartney

Convicted ! (1980) Promo

Canadian guitar player active since late 70s with two album released in the 80s - the 1st CONVICTED ! is one of the best albums in the Melodic Rock Genre with Blues-Rock influences.

His 2nd LP was released as GUS & The NEW BREED in 1984.
Today he is still active now deeper into Blue-Rock and had an indipendant CD  release in 2005 as GUS PAPAS & The BOTTLE DEVILS - Shake the Devil.

Style: Melodic Hardrock with Blues influence

Gus  (Papas) - vocals, guitars, songwriting;
Danny Taylor - drums; Kerry Ladd - bass;
Eddie Leonetti - keyboards, producer;

Gus  Papas - vocals, guitars;
Alec Fraser - bass; Phil Michael - drums;

Side 1      all songs by Gus
Shes not gonna come to you
Aint Love a Crime
One more Border to cross
Drivin into the Sun
Sweet Delight
Im not finished

Side 2
For the Love of Rock N Roll
Follow that Dream
The Russians are coming
Southern - Most Part of my Soul
Cell Door slammin
So you busted Paul McCartney

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