Gus Papas (Review)

Discovered by Daffodil Records chief Frank Davies as part of his LOVE Productions company who was developing and licensing artists outside of Daffodil Records itself.

Davies shopped Papas’ material in New York and an old acquaintance of his with Beatles ties, Nat Weiss, signed Papas to his Nemperor Records label with distribution through Columbia stateside.

The debut album “GUS” “Convicted” was recorded at Masters Workshop in Rexdale, Toronto Ontario Canada, produced by Steve Vaughan (Klaatu, The Hunt) and released in 1980.


Danbue Sale says: Gus Papas is Unbelievable why such underrated! Really absolutely great 2nd album from this secretly Rock Legend from Toronto, ON, Canada with hammer track “Rock Me Baby”.


Joe Curtis: Guitarist Gus Papas has been a fixture on the Toronto music scene for decades. His band The Bottle Devils has a built-in fan base that never fails to draw a crowd at his shows. Many a time this writer has wished Papas would record a CD of his own material, so his fans can take a little of the Papas ‘magic’ on guitar home with us to enjoy. Papas has finally done this and his debut CD ‘Shake the Devil’ is out and ready to go!

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